Swapbody tank containers

A tank container is an intermodal container for transporting liquids, gases and powders in bulk.

A tank container is built according to the ISO standard, making it suitable for various types of transport. Both dangerous and non-hazardous products can be transported in tank containers. A tank container has a stainless steel barrel surrounded by an insulation and protection layer of generally polyurethane and aluminum. The barrel is placed in the center of a steel frame. The frame is made according to ISO standards and is 20 feet (6.06 m) long, 8 feet (2.44 m) wide and 8 or 8.6 feet (2.44-2.60 m) high. The capacity of the tank varies from 14,000 liters to 27,000 liters. There are both smaller and larger tank containers. These usually have a size that differs from the ISO sizes. The trade association ITCO estimated in 2009 that 250,000 tank containers were in use, which together handled 675,000 transports. The ITCO states in the publication "Global Tank Container Survey" that a total of 604,700 tank containers will be in use in 2019, of which 381,750 will be used by tank container operators.

We supply various tank containers. Our tank containers are built according to the ISO standard, so you can use them for different types of transport.

Different types of tank containers

  • Swap body tank - a swap body tank has a barrel that is larger than the frame, usually 23 or 25 feet long
  • Food tank - a standard tank container in which only food can be loaded
  • Reefer tank - a tank container with the possibility to transport the product in a refrigerated manner. Gas tank - a tank container suitable for transporting gases.
  • Silotank - a tank container for the transport of grains and powders.
  • Multi-compartment tank - a tank container with one or two partitions in the tank, allowing multiple products to be shipped at the same time.

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